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Configure BGP easily with BIRD and Ansible

Many of our clients ask for help with configuration of BIRD deamon (mostly for BGP). While you'll still need help to make configuration on the network side, it'll still be necessary to configure your server correctly.

Build Kubernetes bare metal cluster with external access

Kubernetes has been around for a while now. Although you can find numerous guides for various applications, they often require you to be already familiar with Kubernetes or running a cluster in a cloud environment provided by major providers.

Securing your server with nftables

Securing your server as a Linux administrator has been a bit of a hassle in past years. Nftables is developed by the netfilter project, which stands behind iptables as well. It’s meant to directly address the most pressing problems and inconveniences

Secure your Dedicated Server like a Pro

Properly securing your server can go a long way in saving you a lot of time, money and headaches. Global statistics clearly suggest that cyber criminality is a fact of life now, creating billions of dollars in losses worldwide. We at DataPacket do not take security lightly. In this article, we provide 9 useful tips.

MTR – diagnose network issues

MTR (my traceroute) is a dynamic network performance diagnostic tool combining the functionality of ping and traceroute. MTR reports are widely used for analysing network connection bottlenecks and issues. However, it is very commonly misinterpreted.

BGP in our network: How does the internet GPS work

BGP is the most popular routing protocol worldwide. Without BGP, internet communication would be impossible or at least less flexible. Let’s take a closer look at BGP and find out if it is a good fit for your network needs.

10Gbps network bandwidth test – Iperf tutorial

When purchasing from a dedicated server provider, one of the key service components is the network bandwidth capacity. In this post we will cover how to perform a reliable network throughput test using Iperf.

Multi-homed vs. Single-homed network – How does it impact your business?

Network engineers often use the terms single-homed and multi-homed network when talking about network upstream topology. In this article we’ll describe the specifications of both setups and how choosing either of them might affect your business.

Using Collectd to monitor your server’s health and performance

See how you can use the Collectd daemon to monitor your server’s performance without the need of a third-party monitoring system.

Advantages and disadvantages of various RAID levels

There are many features that can enhance the performance and availability of your online applications and one of them is RAID. Check out our short guide on the most used levels and their benefits.