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Dedicated servers with built‑in DDoS protection

Keep your servers fully protected and your users' experience smooth with DDoS shield, DataPacket’s proprietary anti-DDoS solution.

Unmetered mitigation for all your servers

DataPacket's anti-DDoS solution Shield protects your servers from volumetric and L4 protocol-based attacks. It is included in your subscription and comes without limits, no matter the scale of the attack.

Shield automatically mitigates incoming attacks of all sizes in under 10 seconds, ensuring your services stay intact for legitimate users.

Adjustable protection level for each server

By default, full DDoS protection against both volumetric and L4 protocol-based attacks is turned on in most data centers. You can easily adjust the Shield to mitigate volumetric attacks only, or turn it off completely.

Real-time monitoring

DDoS mitigation starts automatically within 10 seconds. When it happens, you’ll be notified by email immediately so that you can monitor the attack in real-time in the client panel and, if needed, take action.

Custom thresholds for DDoS attacks filtering

If our default filtering mechanism doesn't suit your specific use case, you can easily set your own thresholds.

DataPacket’s DDoS shield

Choose between DDoS shield setting per each server

Datapacket’s DDoS protection comes in two customizable options. Volumetric Shield and Full Shield - both included in your subscription - with optionable upgrade to Expert DDoS Support.

Volumetric Shield

Volumetric attacks

Deployed on DataPacket's edge routers, Volumetric Shield detects and filters out DDoS attacks through firewall rules. Efficient against NTP, DNS, UDP, Memcached and other simple amplification attacks.

Full Shield

Volumetric + L4 protocol-based attacks

Deployed on dedicated anti-DDoS hardware in most data centers, Full Shield intercepts amplification attacks plus TCP SYN, TCP ACK, and GRE flood attacks and filters out malicious packets using custom mitigation techniques. Comes with the custom option to avoid a TCP connection reset.