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Dedicated servers with unmetered DDoS protection

DataPacket’s built-in anti-DDoS solution is keeping your servers fully protected.

With automatic mitigation in under 10 seconds, incoming attacks won’t impact performance – your service will remain available to legitimate users even during attacks.

Unmetered protection for all your servers

DDoS protection against both volumetric- and protocol-based attacks is included in your subscription. The protection is automatically enabled for all your servers, free of charge, regardless of the scale of the attack.

Automatic DDoS mitigation

DDoS mitigation starts automatically within 10 seconds from the detection of the attack. When it happens, you’ll be notified by email immediately. In the client panel, you can monitor the attack in real-time and take action.

Adjustable protection level for each server

By default, full protection is enabled for most data centers, but you can easily adjust the protection mechanism to mitigate volumetric attacks only. If desired, you have also the possibility to create custom DDoS filter rules.

DDoS Shield

DataPacket’s proprietary anti-DDoS solution

Protection against volume-based attacks

Deployed on DataPacket's edge routers, Shield detects and filters out DDoS attacks (NTP, DNS, UDP, Memcached and other simple amplification attacks) through firewall rules.

Protection against protocol-based floods

Deployed on dedicated anti-DDoS hardware in each data center, Shield intercepts TCP SYN, TCP ACK and GRE flood attacks and filters out malicious packets using custom mitigation techniques.


Expert DDoS support

Adding expert DDoS support to your plan gives you the possibility to communicate directly with DDoS Shield developers and DDoS mitigation experts. They will analyze your situation to see if there is a custom solution we can develop and implement for your service.

On demand for $250/month.

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