Server stock:

Dedicated servers
for video streaming

Build your video streaming infrastructure on easily
scalable dedicated servers spread across the globe.

  • 34 locations globally
  • Unshared 20GE ports
  • Premium network quality

Immense network

We operate a high-bandwidth network with a capacity of 80+ Tbps. Our primary focus are low-latency connections to global ISPs, ensuring efficient data delivery worldwide.Thanks to our constant network monitoring, your data is always routed through the best performing path.


Top-quality routing

9 Tier 1 carriers and dozens of private peerings ensure efficient data delivery with extremelly low latiencies, even to the hard-to-reach destinations.

Latest hardware

Storing, transcoding, or streaming video content? To guarantee the best performance, we always deliver up-to-date hardware that matches your workload.

Scalable bundle pricing

Our bundle pricing model, allowing you to share a bandwidth pool among all your servers in all locations, is perfectly suited for video streaming traffic.

Globally scalable

Be closer to your customers and deliver content locally. Our ever-expanding data center presence spans 34 locations, each strategically placed in densely populated areas with proximity to the world's largest IX points and business centers. Low latency is always guaranteed together with efficient data delivery to your end users worldwide.