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Peak times or not, our dedicated servers and their underlying network infrastructure enable game companies to bypass common internet bottlenecks and deliver great online gaming experiences to player bases of all sizes.

  • Ultra-low latency times
  • 34 locations globally
  • Unmetered DDoS protection
  • 273 servers in stock
  • Trusted by:
  • discord
  • orbx
  • networknext
  • hatch
  • macarne
  • esl

Low latency times & Zero packet loss

We designed our network infrastructure so that your players can benefit from constantly low latency times, zero packet loss, and no saturation – especially during peak times.

Looking Glass

Continuous connectivity monitoring

Our monitoring system constantly checks whether your game’s traffic is being routed through the best-performing path. Even in the most latency-sensitive scenarios, this ensures smooth gameplay.

Scalable bandwidth allocation

Whether you’re running a smaller game or an MMO, your server stack is allocated a single bandwidth pool that you can scale to the size of your player base.

25 ms global median latency

To achieve optimal network performance in each region, we peer with local ISPs and use multiple Tier 1 upstream providers.

Transit providers & IX points in Amsterdam

  • corebackbone
  • cogent
  • gtt
  • nttShort
  • sparkle
  • libertyGlobal
  • telia
  • orange

Shield DDoS protection

To protect your business and peace of mind, Shield is available in all of our locations, free of charge.

Unmetered mitigation

Shield is effective against protocol and volume-based attacks of all types and sizes. If you become a target, mitigation starts automatically within 10 seconds of detecting the attack.

Protection overview

The Shield control panel allows you to toggle between three protection tiers.

Always-on protection efficient against NTP, DNS, UDP, Memcached, and other volumetric attacks.

Powered by dedicated anti-DDoS hardware and adds protection from TCP SYN floods.

Suitable for businesses particularly prone to attacks, adding support from our security engineers and allowing custom DDoS setup for your servers.

Hardware tailored to your game

Since each game differs in resource usage, we offer both single and dual-CPU configurations, with varied RAM and storage options.

If you’re looking for a custom CPU model, higher-capacity NVMe drives, or modifications that are more niche, just let us know.


DataPacket enables us to expand our server offerings to additional regions, improving the connectivity and experience for gamers everywhere. With DataPacket, we've been able to offer gamers all around the world a better gaming experience - they can simply get in-game and play, never having to worry about server connectivity problems.

James RossCTO & Co-Founder of Nodecraft

Frequently asked questions

  • Absolutely. If you wish to test our services in your preferred location, simply request a trial server via our website and we’ll be in touch. To make sure you’ll qualify, please provide your business email and website.
  • We’re alert 24/7. If you start experiencing higher latency times, packet loss, or other network issues, let us know and we’ll fix it. Our tech support and network engineers are trained to respond to any scenario.
  • Yes. Simply put, the more servers your order, the better the offer. Sounds good? Request a no-obligation quote.
  • Yes, that is possible. For example, if your total bandwidth requirements are 20 Gbps, we can allocate a single 20 Gbps pool to your entire stack. Our pooled plans range from 1 Gbps to hundreds of Gbps.
  • Of course. Shield, our cybersecurity stack, is available free of charge and allows you to monitor and mitigate DDoS attacks of all types and sizes. To fit all types of protection requirements, Shield comes in three tiers with the option to purchase additional support from our security engineers.
  • Our global network spans 34 data centers and counting. With 17 points of presence in Europe, 13 in Americas, and 4 in the Asia-Pacific region, we guarantee low-latency data delivery across 5 continents.
  • Each DataPacket server is deployed with either 1 x 10GE, 2 x 10GE, or 2 x 40GE unshared uplink dedicated exclusively to you. In terms of bandwidth, this gives you 100 Mbps – 40 Gbps per server with no limits on the amount of data you transfer.
  • No. To give you the flexibility to scale as you need, we provide our services on a pay-as-you-go basis with no further commitment. If your organization does require a written contract, we’ll happily cooperate.