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Host lag-free games at scale

Peak times or not, our dedicated servers and their underlying network infrastructure enable game companies to bypass common internet bottlenecks and deliver great online gaming experiences to player bases of all sizes.

  • Ultra-low latency times
  • Unmetered DDoS protection
  • 43 locations globally
  • 1145 servers in stock
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Low latency times & Zero packet loss

We designed our network infrastructure so that your players can benefit from constantly low latency times, zero packet loss, and no saturation – especially during peak times.

Looking Glass

Continuous connectivity monitoring

Our monitoring system constantly checks whether your game’s traffic is being routed through the best-performing path. Even in the most latency-sensitive scenarios, this ensures smooth gameplay.

Scalable bandwidth allocation

Whether you’re running a smaller game or an MMO, your server stack is allocated a single bandwidth pool that you can scale to the size of your player base.

25 ms global median latency

To achieve optimal network performance in each region, we peer with local ISPs and use multiple Tier 1 upstream providers.

If you didn’t find the network you were looking for, let us know its ASN or name and we will provide you with the connectivity details.

Transit providers & IX points in Amsterdam

  • corebackbone
  • cogent
  • gtt
  • tata
  • sparkle
  • libertyGlobal
  • arelion
  • orange
DataPacket’s Shield

Built-in DDoS protection

Shield is automatically turned on in all of our locations to keep your servers fully protected at all times.

  • DDoS protection against both volumetric and protocol-based attacks is included in your subscription for all your servers.
  • Unmetered mitigation in under 10 seconds, free of charge, regardless of the scale of the attack.
  • Real-time monitoring of the attack right in client panel with immediate notification via email.
More about DDoS protection

Hardware tailored to your game

Since each game differs in resource usage, we offer both single and dual-CPU configurations, with varied RAM and storage options.

Looking for a custom CPU model, higher-capacity NVMe drives or other configurations? Talk to us.

Case study

Learn how 100+ DataPacket’s Servers helped Nodecraft to expand successfully outside the US

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Frequently asked questions

  • Yes. Shield, our cybersecurity stack, allows you to monitor and mitigate DDoS attacks targeting your servers, as well as toggle between various protection tiers:

    Volumetric Shield is always-on for each customer. This solution is efficient against NTP, DNS, Memcached, and other basic amplification attacks.

    Full Shield, powered by dedicated anti-DDoS hardware, adds TCP syn interception and employs custom mitigation techniques.

    Expert DDoS support, suitable for businesses particularly susceptible to cyberattacks, adds support from our security engineers and custom DDoS setup for your servers.
  • Yes, you can set it up by yourself directly on your server. We can also set it up for you free of charge during the initial server setup. To do that, we need you to send us the ACL (access control list). Please note that it can delay the server delivery by up to 3 business days as our network department is heavily overloaded. Any changes required later on are a charged service, please contact our support for more information.
  • We do not keep GPU servers in stock, however, our sales team will be happy to order custom-built server for you if you let us know your hardware requirements. Please note that this option typically requires about 3 to 6 months of prepayment.
  • In rare cases, we can offer metered plans after consultation with our sales team. Please send an email to with information about your use case, we will be happy to discuss the options with you.
  • Please refer to our SLA here.