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Client reviews

Meet our clients

Our clients have been leaving us lots of valuable feedback. To show that you can fully trust us with your business, we’re sharing it with you.

What clients say about us


DataPacket's servers and network are top notch, they provided a fantastic user experience to Discord's users — truly one of the few providers we've worked with that could hit our quality bar and provide the level of service we expect.

Mark SmithDirector of Infrastructure at Discord

We needed to scale all over the world. Since we prefer working with a dedicated teams over big companies like AWS, we've chosen DataPacket. Their servers have well-chosen configurations (plus the custom requests are not a problem), the infrastructure is well built and their passionate team is always available for our requests. Overall, we love working with DataPacket!

Ludovic RateauCTO at Ringover

DataPacket infrastructure has been able to absorb traffic peaks that very few people heard of. Their customer service is excellent and proves that there are no boundaries in today’s world. I really recommend DataPacket to anybody looking for a high performance, innovative solution for high traffic hosting.

Dejan Grofelnik PelzelFounder of

DataPacket enables us to expand our server offerings to additional regions, improving the connectivity and experience for gamers everywhere. With DataPacket, we've been able to offer gamers all around the world a better gaming experience - they can simply get in-game and play, never having to worry about server connectivity problems.

James RossCTO & Co-Founder of Nodecraft

DataPacket Sets the Gold Standard for Bare Metal Hosting Services - After trying out various bare metal hosting providers for the past 10 years, DataPacket has truly stood out among them, meeting our requirements exceptionally well.

Adam MyllykoskiCRO at DatHost

Working with the DataPacket team is great. They have a great attention to detail, and are very customer-focused. They tailored their offering to our exact needs. Any questions we have are very quickly answered by their skilled team. Billing is very easy to understand: there are no hidden surprises.

Ben McClintockHead of Technology at Orbx

To build out our global video ingest network, Livepeer needed a partner that could provide dedicated hardware, unmetered bandwidth, and a large global footprint. DataPacket has provided outstanding service in all of those areas, giving us low-latency connections all over the world.

Eli MallonLead Software Engineer at Livepeer

The best thing about Datapacket is its excellent support. Whatever question or issue we had, we could talk to the person directly responsible for that in a Slack channel and get our question resolved. This is not something you can ever have with most of their competitors.

Andrey MeshkovCo-founder and CTO at Adguard

What made you become our client?

See what our customers say about our services and find your own reason for choosing DataPacket.

  • Thoroughly enjoy working with Datapacket. Their customer service and sales teams are super responsive and know their products inside and out. Datapacket servers are well connected in their regions and provide great performance. Companies are moving away from other providers and going with Datapacket. Keep up the great work.

    - Leah L.
  • All reviews i read stated that Datapaket was one of the best dedicated servers and im finding it true

    - Marco S.
  • Location in Madrid. Recommendation from business partners

    - Ivan
  • I was searching for reliable company which you are

    - Manos
  • Recommendation by Carl A. He wouldn't shut up about how good you guys are.

    - Jim H.
  • Excellent service both in possibility to speak with people immediately solving your problems and from the point to reach customized solutions for your business.

    - Carlo M.
  • Only good reviews online, 10G ports and quality HW

    - Jordan
  • I was looking for the optimal combination of price and quality and ahigh bandwidth. I revised many different offers, but in each something was missing. Your was the most balanced for our needs

    - Mikhail
  • Recommendation from trusted colleague

    - Johnny M.
  • First of all, We were convinced by the transparency on the DataPacket presentation website. Everything is very simple, intuitive and concrete on Secondly, monthly subscriptions show us that you are not interested in your clients only when signing the contract, but that the support is real and continuous. (And we proved to ourselves that we were right.)

    - Cristian C.
  • Perfect network, nice support and good customer service.

    - Mehmet K.
  • I became your client for the performance and stability of your bandwidth.

    - Marco S.
  • We become client thanks to one friend which gave me an awesome feedback of your services.

    - Matteo R.
  • I was looking for a reliable, affordable server with best possible connectivity.

    - Jong J.
  • I have some friends that are your clients and they talk a lot about your services. And I had a trial last year and it was really good.

    - Thiago C.
  • We have been looking for a reliable dedicated server provider for region America that can offer us contemporary hardware, big bandwidth, and excellent internet connectivity. Having said this, other providers certainly do not cover our high criteria.

    - Borislav B.
  • Unshared 10Gbps ports and billing by bandwidth rather than data usage.

    - Adam L.
  • Cheapest prices with premium quality upstream providers in Japan

    - Rob M.
  • The confidence that I get what I pay for, with top quality raw material on the servers, as well as the assistance of the employees

    - Joao R.
  • A friend told me how you guys provide the best service and he wasnt wrong!

    - Danny S.
  • I was looking for a good cost-performance service, and your colleague Nikol was very helpful in explaining your services and offering what I was looking for.

    - Mohammad M.
  • Wanted better customer service and reliable dedicated servers

    - William C.
  • Fast network, good support

    - Jack F.
  • DataPacket has been a great source for our network. They provide reliable network, very nice UI for you to monitor your servers and their both sales and support team is there for you 24/7. Thank you!

    - Efe C.
  • We’re setting up a global network of RTMP ingest servers as entry points into our decentralized network. So we’re in the market for 1. global footprint 2. unmetered, scalable bandwidth 3. reliability. DataPacket fit all of that.

    - Eli M.