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Popular use cases

Every minute, our infrastructure is being tried and tested against all relevant use
cases. Whether you measure service quality by ping times, available locations, uptime,
or all three, we always hit the mark.

  • Individual
  • 41 data center
    locations globally
  • Same-day
    server delivery
  • Low latency times
    & Zero packet loss
  • 10–80GE uplink
    per server
  • Unmetered
    DDoS protection
Trusted by:
  • discord
  • nodecraft
  • livepeer
  • adguard
  • esl
  • ringover
  • bunnycdn

Video streaming services

To meet the infrastructure challenges associated with delivering video content to thousands of simultaneous viewers, our 32 or 64-core streaming servers are equipped with dual 40GE ports and come with scalable bandwidth pools of 10–900 Gbps. Each video packet is delivered efficiently using uncongested optical fibre paths.

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Gaming companies

Peak times or not, our dedicated servers and their underlying network infrastructure enable gaming companies to bypass common internet bottlenecks and deliver great online gaming experiences to player bases of all sizes.

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VPN providers

World's top VPN providers use our dense server network, ultra-low latency connectivity, and virtually unlimited IP space to deliver borderless online experiences, anywhere, to anyone, without compromising network performance.

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Content distribution

With over 100+ Tbps of capacity and a dense server network spanning 6 continents, we meet and exceed the requirements for building global content delivery service with no performance bottlenecks. From static content all the way to live video, we enable content providers to deliver digital assets of any type, size, and complexity.

VoIP providers

To ensure smooth and stable calls at scale, our network operates with a healthy bandwidth reserve, eliminating congestion, high latency, and jitter, the biggest enemies of successful VoIP implementations.

Ad-tech companies

Operating in the single or double-digit latency range, our network meets the rigorous timeout restrictions necessary to ensure that ads are served quickly and efficiently via the best-performing paths.

Trading platforms and tools

Our low-latency infrastructure allows exchange platforms, trading applications, and even retail investors to profit from low round trip times between market events and trade executions.

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Regardless of your use case, we are here to offer you low latency times, zero packet loss, and no network saturation, in any of our 41 locations.