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Case study

How scaled to manage over a million websites with DataPacket’s dedicated servers

For a content delivery network, having a robust, scalable and efficient infrastructure isn’t just advantageous — it’s essential. That’s why the partnership between and DataPacket has become emblematic of what can be achieved when technological acumen meets a reliable infrastructure, custom products and client-first approach.

The client:bunnynet

Delivering tailored services that resonate with a broad spectrum of client needs, has established a unique niche in the industry, with a finger always on the pulse of innovative solutions. Starting with a simple idea of helping developers deliver content without breaking the bank, now helps accelerate over a million websites.

The challenge:

Overcoming infrastructure bottlenecks

Addressing my own website needs, I was unhappy with the limited and costly CDN options. So, I just built my own, recalls Dejan Grofelnik Pelzel, Founder & CEO of, speaking of its origins. Recognizing a broader demand, he set out to improve the CDN landscape for other developers.

DataPacket addressed our infrastructure constraints, allowing us to focus on ensuring top-notch service for our clients

As the company grew, Dejan began to face significant infrastructure challenges. Reliable solutions were not only difficult to procure but also capital intensive. Enter DataPacket. DataPacket addressed our infrastructure constraints, allowing us to focus on perfecting our software, enhancing our capabilities, and ensuring top-notch service for our clients, Dejan explains.

The solution:

Precision-tailored configurations

From initially using off-the-shelf hardware and servers, now requires fully customized solutions. The default configurations, such as mx500 SSDs, offered good price/performance value, but after time it wasn’t quite enough, Dejan notes.

Nearly all our operations run on custom-built hardware

Through mutual exploration and collaborative efforts, custom configurations were created, ensuring the technological machinery ran smoothly and efficiently. We’ve since crafted several configurations that perfectly fit our needs. Today, nearly all our operations run on custom-built hardware, he adds.

Tackling high bandwidth demands

DataPacket prides itself on catering to clients with unique and non-standard requirements, aiming to alleviate daily operational challenges and devise customized solutions. This is particularly true for clients with substantial bandwidth demands, such as Over the years, DataPacket’s infrastructure has allowed them to efficiently manage fewer machines while accessing greater bandwidth.

As they’ve grown, so have we

The long-standing synergy between DataPacket and, marked by flexibility and straightforward, no-nonsense communication, has fortified a relationship that goes far beyond typical service provision. Nikol Ovečková, Global Sales Manager at DataPacket, highlights their partnership:

We’ve nurtured a reciprocal relationship. Bunny’s specific requirements and substantial orders don’t just propel them ahead; they also inspire us to continually enhance our services, our offerings, and to explore new locations. As they’ve grown, so have we.

The result:

Elevating beyond standard services

From a one-man show to a 54-strong team, has not only expanded its workforce but also its horizons, continuously working on new, exciting projects, many of which are yet to be unveiled.

It all always circles back to the quintessential – the quality of service

Dejan emphasizes the enduring value of their partnership with DataPacket, rooted in effective communication, and a collaborative problem-solving approach:

Our partnership has been underscored by mutual trust, relying on DataPacket’s exemplary support, the team’s proficient knowledge, their rapid response times, and their proactive approach to network issues, always seeking solutions rather than attributing blame. But all this always circles back to the quintessential – the quality of service.

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