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Frequently asked questions


  1. Absolutely. Each DataPacket server is deployed with either 1 x 10GE, 2 x 10GE, or 2 x 40GE unshared uplink dedicated exclusively to you.
  2. You get one IPv4 address per server free of charge. Additional IPv4 addresses are available for $7 USD / month or a one-time fee of $65 USD.
  3. Yes, of course. Upon request, we’ll assign you an entire IPv6 subnet (/64), free of charge.
  4. In fact, DataPacket servers are perfectly suited for streaming, both in terms of network performance and hardware specifications.
  5. Yes. Shield, our cybersecurity stack, allows you to monitor and mitigate DDoS attacks targeting your servers, as well as toggle between various protection tiers:

    Basic Shield is always-on for each customer. This solution is efficient against NTP, DNS, Memcached, and other basic amplification attacks.

    Advanced Shield, powered by dedicated anti-DDoS hardware, adds TCP syn interception and employs custom mitigation techniques.

    Advanced Shield with support, suitable for businesses particularly susceptible to cyberattacks, adds support from our security engineers and custom DDoS setup for your servers.
  6. Internal traffic between your servers within the same data center is free of charge, including the initial setup. By default, we configure internal networks with 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps uplink capacity.
  7. You can find a test IP address along with speed test files on each data center page. For more thorough network throughput diagnostics, you can also use the iPerf test (here’s how).


  1. A dedicated server is a server reserved exclusively to you. Unlike with shared servers or VPS, you’re not sharing the server’s resources with any other clients. All of our servers are unmanaged, allowing full admin access.
  2. At the end of your trial period, our Sales team will contact you about switching to one of our monthly plans. You can also choose to continue with an entirely different server.
  3. If you need a RAM upgrade, a storage replacement, or any other hardware changes, submit a ticket with our Sales team. They’ll be in touch with the best solution for your specific inquiry.
  4. You can reboot your server through the client panel by navigating to Servers → Detail → Manage server → Reboot. Alternatively, you can also reboot your server via IPMI.
  5. Sure. There are no limitations to this.


  1. You can pay with PayPal, credit card, or via wire transfer. We accept USD, EUR, and GBP. We do not accept crypto currencies.
  2. To change your bandwidth plan, submit a ticket with our Sales team. An upgrade can be done anytime. Downgrading is possible from your next billing period onwards.
  3. If your bandwidth usage exceeds the purchased amount, our Sales team will contact you about upgrade options. Please rest assured that we won’t suspend or limit your service.
  4. Although maintaining our level of service quality leaves no room for regular promotions or discounts, we’re always open to discussing individual pricing – especially for bundle orders of our servers. If you’re interested, please submit a ticket with our Sales team.
  5. No. Server installation is free of charge with no additional setup fees. Paid services (e.g. extra IPs or Advanced Shield with support) are always clearly communicated.
  6. Individual pricing is usually possible when ordering a server bundle or when prepaying for 6+ months. If you have something else in mind, submit a ticket with our Sales team – we’re always open to discussion.
  7. No, but we’d be happy to discuss custom pricing in case you order a server bundle.
  8. No. Our services are provided on a pay-as-you-go basis without any further commitments. However, if your organization requires a written contract, we’ll cooperate.
  9. Our list prices don’t include VAT. The Value Added Tax is only charged to EU customers without a valid VAT number. All other customers are VAT-exempt.

Server setup

  1. We can install any operating system. By default, we provide Ubuntu, Debian, or CentOS, which are also available for auto reinstallation via the client panel. We can deploy VMware ESXi and licensed systems as well, provided that you own a valid license.
  2. Usually, in-stock servers are installed and delivered within 4 hours after receiving your payment. With on-demand configurations, please contact Sales to get the closest possible delivery date.
  3. You can reinstall your OS through the client panel by navigating to Servers → Detail → Manage server → Automatic reinstall. Alternatively, you can reinstall your OS via IPMIIf your server cannot be reinstalled automatically and you don’t wish to reinstall it via IPMI, you can request a new OS installation by our technicians (Servers → Detail → Manage server → Request reinstall).
  4. Yes, we provide cPanel for 50 USD / month per license. No setup fees required.
  5. Yes, we can set up any software RAID for you, free of charge. Hardware RAID is subject to an additional 50 USD / month. If you're not sure what RAID level to choose, see the full description in our blog post.

Technical Issues

  1. Please submit a support ticket through the client panel with a detailed description of what happened. Our technicians work 24/7 and will resolve your problem as soon as possible.
  2. Please submit a Network issue ticket and include at least 3 pingable destination IPs along with MTR outputs (your server → the IPs you provided and vice versa).If you’re not sure how to run MTR, you can refer to our blog post.
  3. If we receive a DMCA notice involving your server(s) and reporting either:
    • - Copyright infringement
    • - Hosting of illegal content
    • - Participating in malicious activities (DDoS attacks, spamming, etc.)
    • - Or any other illegal acts
    We’ll contact you via email with a request to cease and desist.
    1. Download TeamViewer  and proceed with the installation.
    2. Start TeamViewer and send us your ID and password
    3. Now we can connect to your computer and help you.