24/7 monitoring and daily routing optimization through multiple transit providers worldwide.

  • 18 Tbps+capacity
  • 23 locationsglobally
  • 14 providersof connectivity

Immense bandwidth capacity

Our network architecture is designed to take on a massive volume of traffic. We use multiple transit providers in each of our locations to ensure top quality and sufficient capacity.

Global coverage with local routing

Strategically distributed data centers across Europe, the United States, and Asia enable direct connection to most of the local internet service providers.

Zero packet loss and no network saturation

The exceptional quality of data delivery from our dedicated servers to the end-users is the core focus of our company. We regularly monitor our network to avoid packet loss and saturation.

Direct access to hard‑to‑reach networks

To ensure the best possible network quality even in peak times, we partner up with premium ISPs such as Comcast, Telefonica, UPC, Swisscom or Deutsche Telekom.

Internet service providers

Discover ISPs for specific data centers around the world

DDoS protected network

To protect your online business and peace of mind, DataPacket provides a proprietary DDoS protection solution capable of mitigating attacks of all types and sizes.

  • Available in all of our 22 data centers
  • Unmetered mitigation with no bottlenecks
  • One-click deployment

Last mile quality monitoring

Our monitoring system constantly checks whether your traffic is being routed through the best performing path, ensuring low-latency data delivery all the way to your end users.

  • Low-latency connections worldwide

European backbone between data centers

Upstream capacity with multiple carriers and quality peering arrangements are implemented at each location. This provides redundancy and enables DataPacket to provide robust connections to even the most problematic network destinations for all clients.

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