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180+ Tbps network designed for low‑latency data delivery with zero packet loss

  • 51data center locations
  • 16top transit
  • 300+private peering
  • 3000+local ISPs connected
Global coverage, local precision

Top-of-the-line local routing in each location

A diverse mix of transit providers like Arelion, Cogent, and PCCW achieves the best possible network quality, even during peak times.

Our network directly connects with key ISPs, including Comcast, Telefonica, UPC, AT&T, Orange, and Deutsche Telecom, ensuring robust and seamless connectivity everywhere. Supported by 300+ PNIs at major internet hubs, we provide direct local ISP connections at every location, guaranteeing fast and consistent service that stands out, no matter the demand.

  • comcast
  • orange
  • arelion
  • lumen
  • liberty-global
  • gtt
  • ntt
  • telxius
  • tata
  • corebackbone
  • cogent
  • sparkle
  • pccw
  • tcom
  • telstra
  • vodafon
Robust interconnectivity

Private global

Multiple 400GE/100GE private backbone circuits interconnect DataPacket's largest points of presence, providing carrier-level network performance.

Direct connections at other data centers on our backbone promote unhindered connectivity between your servers at various points of presence.

  • 34 locationsconnected to backbone
  • 400GE/100GEbackbone circuits
Network reliability and security

Last-mile connectivity monitoring

DataPacket’s monitoring system continuously checks if your traffic takes the best path, ensuring low-latency delivery to your end users. It uses real-time data to automatically adjust routes, avoiding congestion and ensuring smooth and fast service. Each of our data centers provides transparent performance data, allowing you to see firsthand how effectively we connect to key networks.

See routing in each location

99.99%+ uptime

To secure a 99.99%+ uptime, we strive to use fully redundant network infrastructure on the hardware level wherever possible. All of our key points of presence maintain such redundancy on the router and distribution switch layers. Multiple transit providers in each data center guard against any single point of failure.


Your servers stay safe with DataPacket’s DDoS shields. These proprietary anti-DDoS solutions combine software and hardware-layer protection against L4 protocol-based attacks, volume-based attacks, and TCP SYN floods, with unmetered mitigation in under 10 seconds.

More about DDoS protection