Server stock:

Dedicated servers
for CDNs

Build your CDN on dedicated servers with high capacity,
reliability and scalability standards.

  • 34 locations globally
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Up to 80GE uplink per server

Immense network

We operate a high-bandwidth network with a capacity of 80+ Tbps. Our primary focus are low-latency connections to global ISPs, ensuring efficient data delivery worldwide. Thanks to our constant network monitoring, your data is always routed through the best performing path.


Latest hardware

SSD storage for maximum performance, up to 512 GB RAM and the latest Intel CPUs.

BGP & Anycast friendly

Announce your own prefixes and enjoy the advantages of Anycast routing to achieve speedier connectivity and better redundancy.

Private networking

Use a free private network between your servers within the same data center.

Transparent pricing

Stop worrying about exceeding your traffic plan and spending a fortune on overage fees. To meet bandwidth pricing requirements of CDNs with short traffic spikes, we employ flexible billing and bandwidth pooling.


Internet service providers

  • comcast
  • orange
  • telia
  • vodafone
  • libertyGlobal
  • gtt
  • nttShort
  • telefonica
  • tata
  • corebackbone
  • cogent
  • sparkle
  • pccw
  • coloau
  • deutcheTelekom
  • durand

In-house built DDoS protection

Using our own technology deployed in all locations, we provide protection against various volume-based application and protocol layer attacks without having to block targeted IP addresses. Thanks to that, all legitimate traffic seamlessly reaches its destination.

  • Real-time detection
  • Attacks mitigated within 10 seconds
  • Email notifications when under attack

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