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Server hardware

Explore our server offerings, neatly categorized by CPU type for easy selection. Choose your preferred CPU to view detailed specifications, including available storage, RAM, and network interfaces or tailor your server to meet your use case needs with our custom build options.

Intel E

Intel Xeon E processors provide essential performance and enhanced security features, making them the preferred choice for VPN providers and VOIP services, which require reliable and secure processing capabilities.

AMD Ryzen

AMD Ryzen stands out for its excellent frequency performance and value-for-money ratio, making it a top choice for gaming, hosting services, and content delivery networks. It delivers robust multi-threading capabilities, ensuring efficient handling of complex, resource-intensive tasks.


AMD EPYC is renowned for its high core counts and superior memory bandwidth, making it ideal for live-streaming, video encoding, and ad tech companies. Its robust capabilities facilitate rapid handling of large datasets and complex calculations, essential for real-time bidding, data analytics, and high-definition media processing.

Need a tailored solution?

Custom server configurations

If your use case requires a specific CPU model or any other piece of hardware that’s not listed on our website, we’re happy to build a custom server for you, quickly and affordably.

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Why choose Datapacket

Reliable hardware, always-on support

DataPacket servers are built with robust, tried‑and‑tested hardware to ensure maximum reliability. In the rare event of a hardware failure, we guarantee the replacement of the faulty component within 120 minutes.

Scalable server based on your needs

With our month-to-month billing, numerous hardware options and flexible bandwidth plans, you can scale up (and down) to match your current workload requirements.

Hardware providers:

  • samsung
  • intel
  • crucial
  • supermicro
  • westerndigital
  • amd

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