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Dedicated servers with Exceptional client service

From server deployments to support requests to billing inquiries, we make sure
that all aspects of your interaction with DataPacket are smooth sailing.

  • Individual approach
  • In-house support
  • Flexible billing

Individual approach

As our client, you’ll get personalized attention tailored to your use case. That includes access to individual pricing, custom server configurations, or location advice.

Dedicated account manager

Upon your first contact, one of our account managers will start to work closely with you, personally making sure all of your requests are properly addressed and executed.

Personal Slack channel

As our client, you’ll get a personal Slack channel with 24/7 access to technical support. Your channel will also serve as a single point of contact for resolving your Sales and Network-related requests.

Trial deployments

If you like to test before you buy, we’re completely on board. Our trial deployments allow you to test any spec, in any location, with no service limitation or quotas.

Custom servers on demand

If your use case requires a specific CPU model or any other piece of hardware that’s not listed on our website, we’re happy to build a custom server for you, quickly and affordably.

In-house support

We’re always on standby, fully understanding that your business depends on availability.

Tech & Sales support

No matter if you require emergency assistance, need a new server, or just want a RAM upgrade, our support team is there for you 24/7, acting as a single point of contact for anything that may come up.

  • 24/7 support
  • Available via email, chat and Slack
  • Fast response times
  • Real people, no chat bots

Data center technicians

Our data center technicians make sure your servers are properly installed, correctly configured, and delivered on schedule. Regardless of the time zone, they’re also responsible for seamless execution of hardware upgrades, downgrades, or emergency replacements.

  • OS installations
  • RAID configuration
  • Internal network setup
  • Emergency hardware replacements

Network engineers

Our network engineers work day and night to ensure that your service benefits from constantly low latency times, zero packet loss, and efficient DDoS mitigation.

  • Daily routing adjustments
  • DDoS mitigation assistance
  • BGP services

Support scenarios

Instead of pretending that hardware doesn't fail and outages don’t exist, we come well prepared.

  • What if I start experiencing latency issues?

    If you start experiencing latency issues towards certain destination addresses, our network engineers will try to find alternative paths that perform better. To gather enough data, the monitoring takes approximately 24 hours.

  • What if my server crashes?

    If your server crashes, we’ll quickly provision a replacement. In each location, we keep spare machines for exactly this purpose.

  • What if there’s a data center outage?

    To ensure maximum uptime and minimum disruption, we work with Tier-Certified, enterprise-class data centers, where outages are rare. This allows us to offer a financially backed 99.99% uptime SLA.

    If your business is particularly susceptible to downtime, we’re happy to advise on deploying in geographically separate data centers.

  • What if I need a hardware replacement or upgrade?

    In each data center, we keep a healthy reserve of hard drives, SSDs, RAM modules, network cards, and other vital components.

  • What if I’m under a DDoS attack?

    Each of our locations is protected by DataPacket Shield. If you’re hit with a DDoS attack, Shield kicks in within seconds, triggering automatic, unmetered mitigation.

    The mitigation process of each individual attack event can be monitored and graphically visualized using our client panel.

  • What if one of your transit providers goes down?

    Each of our 40 locations is connected to multiplier Tier 1 transit providers. In case any one fails, the others immediately take over.

  • What if I need additional IP space?

    For 7 USD / month or 65 USD one-time, you can rent IP addresses directly from us, without having to involve a third party provider. Dedicated IPv4 subnets are assigned on request, with custom pricing options.

  • What if I want to use my own IP space with DataPacket servers?

    We're happy to announce your prefixes for you via BGP. All you need to do is provide your ASN, a list of prefixes, and an LOA. The setup costs 100 USD per announcement and takes approximately 24 hours to complete.

  • What if I need custom hardware components?

    If your use case requires a specific CPU model or any other piece of hardware that’s not listed on our website, we’re happy to build a custom server for you, quickly and affordably.

Flexible billing

Here’s how else we make your life easier.


Bandwidth pooling

Bandwith pool allows you to have single traffic plan for servers within same continent (or between EU & US servers). For example, your servers can share 20 Gbps regardless of their individual consumption.

No contracts

We provide our services on a pay-as-you-go basis without any further commitments. However, if your organization requires a written contract, we’ll happily cooperate.

Account balance

You can top up your account balance as you go and use it later to pay for our services. This way, you can adjust your payment schedule to your personal preferences.

Bundle offers

If you’re looking for 5, 20, or 100+ servers, your account manager will be happy to prepare an individual offer for you, including bulk discounts for both server bundles and high-volume bandwidth plans.


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