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Frequently asked questions

Servers & Setup

  • Can I set up custom firewall?
    Yes, you can set it up by yourself directly on your server. We can also set it up for you free of charge during the initial server setup. To do that, we need you to send us the ACL (access control list). Please note that it can delay the server delivery by up to 3 business days as our network department is heavily overloaded. Any changes required later on are a charged service, please contact our support for more information.
  • Do you offer GPU servers?
    We do not keep GPU servers in stock, however, our sales team will be happy to order custom-built server for you if you let us know your hardware requirements. Please note that this option typically requires about 3 to 6 months of prepayment.
  • Will you set up RAID for me?
    Yes, we can set up any software RAID for you, free of charge. Hardware RAID is subject to an additional 50 USD / month. If you're not sure what RAID level to choose, see the full description in our blog post.
  • What is a dedicated server?
    A dedicated server is a server reserved exclusively to you. Unlike with shared servers or VPS, you’re not sharing the server’s resources with any other clients. All of our servers are unmanaged, allowing full admin access.
  • What if I need to change my server’s hardware configuration?
    If you need a RAM upgrade, a storage replacement, or any other hardware changes, submit a request with our Sales team. They’ll be in touch with the best solution for your specific inquiry.
  • How do I reboot my server?
    You can reboot your server through the client panel by navigating to Servers → Detail → Manage server → Reboot. Alternatively, you can also reboot your server via IPMI.
  • Can DataPacket servers interact with servers from other providers?
    Sure. There are no limitations to this.
  • Which operating systems can be installed on my server?
    We can install any operating system. By default, we provide Ubuntu, Debian, or CentOS, which are also available for auto reinstallation via the client panel. We can deploy VMware ESXi and licensed systems as well, provided that you own a valid license.
  • How long will I wait for my server to be installed?
    Usually, in-stock servers are installed and delivered within 4 hours after receiving your payment. With on-demand configurations, please contact Sales to get the closest possible delivery date.
  • How do I reinstall my operating system?
    You can reinstall your OS through the client panel by navigating to Servers → Detail → Manage server → Automatic reinstall. Alternatively, you can reinstall your OS via IPMI

    If your server cannot be reinstalled automatically and you don’t wish to reinstall it via IPMI, you can request a new OS installation by our technicians (Servers → Detail → Manage server → Request reinstall).
  • Do you provide cPanel?
    Yes, we provide cPanel for 65 USD / month per license. No setup fees required.
  • What’s the difference between a bandwidth plan and uplink capacity?
    A bandwidth plan represents the amount of purchased bandwidth. Uplink capacity represents your server’s physical bandwidth limit.