Server stock:

Dedicated servers
for tech companies

Build a solid infrastructure
for your business on easily
scalable dedicated servers
spread across the globe.

  • Premium network quality
  • Solid SLA
  • 32 global locations

Scalable bundle pricing

Our bundle deals are ideally suited for tech companies and startups, allowing you to share a bandwidth pool among all your servers, no matter their total number or various locations. All that without compromising on quality – each server is deployed with unshared 20GE ports.

No matter whether you choose a peak-oriented plan or burstable billing based on the 95th percentile, you always only pay for what you need.


Top-quality network

Thanks to 9 Tier 1 carriers and 40+ private interconnections, your data will be seamlessly delivered to your customers, no matter where they are.

Latest hardware

Serving innovative companies requires having the proper tools.
For us, it means always stocking up with SuperMicro servers built with the latest Intel CPUs and 20GE ports

Exceptional support

24/7/365. We understand the cost of server issues, which is why we are available via email, phone and Slack all year round to help you solve any problem you might run into.

Popular servers configurations for tech companies

2 × Silver 4210

cores 20, threads 40, 2.2 Ghz

2h delivery
Storage2 × 500 GB SSD
Uplink20 Gbps
Bandwidth1 Gbps

Globally scalable

Be closer to your customers and deliver content locally. Our ever-expanding data center presence spans 32 locations, each strategically placed in densely populated areas with proximity to the world's largest IX points and business centers. Low latency is always guaranteed together with efficient data delivery to your end-users worldwide.