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Move from cloud to dedicated servers

Make the switch from a cloud solution to dedicated servers and start reaping the benefits. With better pricing, superior performance and solutions fully tailored to your unique use case, dedicated servers can take your business to the next level.

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Dedicated servers vs. Cloud: Which is right for you?

Choosing between dedicated servers and cloud solutions? Read our comparison article to help determine which option is best for your business.

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Why switch your data to dedicated servers

As your business expands, so do your data storage needs. While cloud services offer scalability, flexibility and pay-as-you-go pricing, they can quickly become expensive with increased data usage. This cost can be a major hindrance to your growth and lead to high expenses for data overages. Dedicated servers provide a cost-effective solution with no overages and and allow you to customize your storage as you need.

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Reduce costs without long-term commitments

  • Benefit from our unmetered bandwidth plans with no extra overages, specifically designed for high-traffic businesses.
  • Bundle offers and bandwidth pooling options available in your locations.
  • Rent servers with no initial investment, upgrade or downgrade your plan as needed with no long-term contracts to worry about.

Unmatchable performance for the money

  • Customized hardware built to meet your specific use case requirements.
  • Get the latest hardware technology available with custom offer possibilities.
  • Use dedicated hardware with full performance potential for optimized and uninterrupted operation.

Take control of your infrastructure

  • Gain exclusive ownership and full control of your infrastructure to optimize it for maximum performance and results.
  • Store your valuable data on your private server for enhanced security and reduced risk of cyber attacks and data breaches.

Trust your data to DataPacket’s dedicated servers

Individual approach

As a client of DataPacket, you can expect personalized attention that`s tailored to your unique use case. This includes access to individual pricing, custom server configurations, and location advice.

Scalable server based
on your needs

Our month-to-month billing, multiple hardware options, and flexible bandwidth plans allow you to easily scale up or down based on your current workload requirements.

Exceptional support 24/7

At DataPacket, we provide personalized technical support through a personal Slack channel that`s available to you 24/7. This channel not only gives you direct access to our technical support team, but it also serves as a single point of contact for resolving any sales or network-related requests you may have.

51 worldwide locations with premium connectivity

Consistently low latency times and zero packet loss are the results of overprovisioned 180+ Tbps network, real‑time network monitoring, routing adjustments, and the use of hundreds of networks interconnected through DataPacket`s global private backbone.

Making the move:

Why our clients left cloud solutions to dedicated servers from DataPacket


Flexibility and support are unlike anything in the market. Making the move from a traditional VM-based cloud to bare metal was an adjustment and there was always a debate on the trade-offs. DataPacket's flexibility really made the case for us to move to bare metal because we could get the configuration necessary to get the IP processing performance that made the shift worth it. Using DataPacket doesn't quite feel like the a typical cloud provider using VM and serverless and the onboarding experience at first feels a bit different, but after about a day we were seeing the upsides of working with DataPacket, so that context shift was fairly smooth.

Stephen BryantCo-Founder of Lolo Company

We needed to scale all over the world. Since we prefer working with a dedicated teams over big companies like AWS, we've chosen DataPacket. Their servers have well-chosen configurations (plus the custom requests are not a problem), the infrastructure is well built and their passionate team is always available for our requests. Overall, we love working with DataPacket!

George BardissiFounder & CEO of bvoip