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Dedicated servers with
fast connection to Russia

Reach your end-users across Russia with DataPacket’s state of the art bare‑metal.
Scale your business with our unlimited infrastructure

  • 80+ Tbps bandwidth capacity
  • 100+ deployed last week
  • 4 hours server delivery time

Dedicated servers ready in Stockholm, Sweden

All configurations & Pricing

Looking for a world-class network?

80+ Tbps bandwidth capacity for efficient data delivery

Unmetered, unshared bandwidth

DataPacket specializes in high-bandwidth connections. Each server is provided with either 2 × 1 Gbps, 2 × 10 Gbps or 2 × 40 Gbps uplinks together with unshared and unmetered bandwidth plans.


Exceptional network performance

Private peering agreements with the largest local ISP, thanks to the immense volume of traffic delivered, guarantee low latencies and zero packet loss. Outstanding network quality is the central point of our services.


Carriers available in Stockholm

  • telia
  • gtt
  • corebackbone
  • cogent

Multi-channel support

We provide all of our clients with 24/7 access to technical support over live chat, email and phone. To offer even greater flexibility and cut down on response times, we decided to start providing support over private Slack channels.

Frequently asked questions

  • Yes, we have been continuously building our own advanced DDoS mitigation environment with real-time toxic traffic detection and filtering.
  • Yes. Feel free to try one week trial of 10 Gbps unmetered plan for $99 only. No further commitment & billing after trial period expiration.
  • We will gladly provide you with individual pricing whether it's for a server, bandwidth or billing, just let us know your .
  • Yes, we can set up any software RAID for you free of charge. Hardware RAID is subject to an additional $50/month. If you're not sure what RAID level to choose, check out our in-depth blog post explaining the differences.
  • Your server will usually be ready within 4 hours after your payment.

Get a trial server for $99 with no limitations.

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