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Unlimited data transfer, unshared 10-80GE ports,
and no commitment. .

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IP addresses, BGP services, and DDoS protection

Besides the bare metal and premium connectivity, we provide on-demand IP space, BGP to announce your own prefixes, or unmetered DDoS protection.

IP space for address‑hungry businesses

Each additional address is available for 7 USD / month or 65 USD one‑time . Dedicated IPv4 subnets are assigned on request, with custom pricing options. IPv6 blocks of /64 are provided free of charge.

  • Virtually unlimited IPv4 space
  • Easy IP migration within each location
  • Free IPv6 allocation

Bring your IP space to DataPacket

Using your own IP addresses with DataPacket servers is possible via BGP. The setup costs 100 USD per announcement up to 5 subnets and requires three simple steps:

  1. Let us know your ASN along with a list of IP prefixes.
  2. Provide a Letter of Authorization (LOA).
  3. Wait 24 hours until we establish a BGP session.

Once these steps are completed, we’ll start to announce your prefixes.

Unmetered DDoS mitigation

Shield, our proprietary anti‑DDoS solution, mitigates layer 3 and layer 4 attacks of all types and sizes. The service comes in three tiers:

  • Volumetric Shield is an always-on protection efficient against NTP, DNS, UDP, Memcached, and other volumetric attacks.
  • Full Shield is powered by dedicated anti-DDoS hardware and adds protection from TCP SYN floods.
  • Expert DDoS support is suitable for businesses particularly prone to attacks, adding support from our security engineers and allowing custom DDoS setup for your servers.

Both Volumetric and Full Shield protection are provided free of charge. Expert DDoS support is available on demand for 250 USD / month.

Frequently asked questions

  • Absolutely. Each DataPacket server is deployed with either 1 x 10GE, 2 x 10GE, or 2 x 40GE unshared uplink dedicated exclusively to you.
  • A bandwidth plan represents the amount of purchased bandwidth. Uplink capacity represents your server’s physical bandwidth limit.
  • Bandwidth is charged based on your actual peak usage. To be able to scale our infrastructure in a way that prevents network congestion during peak times, we do not charge by the 95th percentile model.
  • To change your bandwidth plan, submit a ticket with our Sales team. An upgrade can be done anytime. Downgrading is possible from your next billing period onwards.
  • If your bandwidth usage exceeds the purchased amount, our Sales team will contact you about upgrade options. Please rest assured that we won’t suspend or limit your service.
  • Yes, this is definitely an option, that we provide and can be enabled by your account manager upon request. Please note that the unit price per Mbps will be slightly higher than with peak-based plans.