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IP transit

Connect to DataPacket’s 180+ Tbps network and enjoy benefits of low latency connectivity on your own servers.

  • Diverse blend of upstream providers - including TIER I, local IXs, and 300+ PNIs
  • LOA within
    1 business day
  • Redundant port over 50 Gbps commitment free of charge

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Why choose DataPacket as your routing partner?

Direct access to hard‑to‑reach networks

To ensure the best possible network quality even during peak times, we partner up with premium ISPs such as Comcast, Telefonica, UPC, Swisscom, Orange and Deutsche Telecom.

Last-mile connectivity monitoring

Our monitoring system constantly checks whether your traffic is being routed through the best performing path, ensuring low‑latency data delivery all the way to your end users.

Global coverage, local routing

Thanks to diverse mix of top transit providers and 300+ PNIs at major internet hubs, DataPacket has direct access to local ISPs at each of our location .

Global private backbone

DataPacket’s private backbone built upon n x 100GE infrastructure around the globe interconnects our largest points of presence.