Server stock:

Dedicated servers
for online storage

Customise your storage server
using the latest hardware
and be present anywhere in the world.

  • Custom hardware
  • Premium network quality
  • 32 global locations

Latest custom hardware

We appreciate your unique storage requirements and will go all the way to make sure your needs are satisfied. Interested in high-performance NVMe drives, HDD arrays for mass storage, or a completely custom setup? Let us know and we’ll deliver.


Popular storage servers configurations

2 × Silver 4210

cores 20, threads 40, 2.2 Ghz

2h delivery
Storage10 × 2 TB SSD
Uplink20 Gbps
Bandwidth5 Gbps

High-bandwidth network

To give you enough bandwidth capacity, each of our servers is connected by unshared 20GE ports. Diverse upstream carriers then ensure your data is delivered efficiently with extremely low latencies.

Exceptional 24/7 support

Our competent support team is available 24/7, 365 days a year via email or Slack. We make sure anything you need is taken care of within a few minutes.

Scalable bundle pricing

Multiple storage servers in various locations can easily share one bandwidth pool thanks to our bundle pricing model.

Global coverage

Thanks to our ever-expanding data center presence, you can be closer to your end-users and reap all the benefits. We operate in 32 locations, each strategically placed in densely populated areas with proximity to the world's largest IX points and business centers. Low latency is always guaranteed along with efficient data delivery.