Unlimited data transfer, unshared 1×10GE — 2×100GE ports, unmetered DDoS protection and no commitment.

Detailed specifications are listed on our server hardware page.

IP space for address‑hungry businesses

Besides the bare metal and premium connectivity, we provide on-demand IP space and BGP to announce your own prefixes.

Additional IP addresses

Each additional address is available for 7 USD / month or 100 USD one‑time . Dedicated IPv4 subnets are assigned on request, with custom pricing options. IPv6 blocks of /64 are provided free of charge.

  • Virtually unlimited IPv4 space
  • Easy IP migration within each location
  • Free IPv6 allocation

Bring your IP space to DataPacket

Using your own IP addresses with DataPacket servers is possible via BGP. The setup costs 100 USD per announcement and requires three simple steps:

  1. Let us know your ASN along with a list of IP prefixes.
  2. Provide a Letter of Authorization (LOA).
  3. Wait 24 hours until we establish a BGP session.

Once these steps are completed, we’ll start to announce your prefixes.

Frequently asked questions